Maryland Paleocene Fossils

These fossils were found along the lower Potomac River, around Clifton Beach, a bit north of Smith Point, in Charles County. The nearest towns are Nanjemoy and Grayton. I haven't visited the area since the 1960's, so I have no idea whether it is still possible to collect fossils there. They are all from the Aquia Formation, which formerly was thought to be Eocene in age, but which is now known to be late Paleocene.

My main reference was Eocene Deposits of Maryland, by W. B. Clark and G. C. Martin (Maryland Geological Survey, 1901). Of course, many of the names have changed since that was written. A recent, less technical reference is Fossil Collecting in the Mid-Atlantic States, by Jasper Burns (Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 1991). Another website with information about fossil sharks and shark teeth, particularly the Lee Creek fauna, is .

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